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Your Unique Voice

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This series of posts has looked at some of the building blocks that go into creating a brand for your business, and the importance of finding an image that’s unique and impactful as well as appropriate for your sector. Choosing a business name and designing a logo are key moments in the development of any new venture and it’s worth taking the time at the outset to get these right.

If you’re just starting out and need some inspiration for a business name you could try online tools. Check out Namelix for options you may not have thought of. It’s much more interesting than trawling the thesaurus. Remember also that your business will grow into its name over time. My business Sanphire Design has grown into its name despite the fact it was a mishearing of a conversation about a sea vegetable many years ago. I loved the word Sanphire and have used it ever since.

So, if this is where you’re at should you consider turning to a professional designer if you need a logo, website or marketing materials? Of course, I would say yes to this question but there are caveats and the most important one I think is that you get along with your designer. If you feel uneasy communicating with them or under pressure to do things or accept things you’re not happy with then it is time to find another.

A good designer will take the time draw out your unique story, learn about you and your business and work closely with you to come up with original design that really captures the essence of what you do. They will keep you informed but get offside when you are snowed with other aspects of your empire. It is worth finding an individual or a boutique company who will be very happy to take on even the small jobs and work within your budget. If you find the right designer, it can often be the start of a lasting creative collaboration. That person who helped you bring your vision to life and frame it for your customers can become a trusted go-to for your business design needs for years to come.

Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to find someone. If you see a logo or a website that you like don’t be afraid to ask who developed the design or check out reviews and testimonials.