Photography tips for your website

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Photography tips for your website


When thinking about photography for your online presence here are a few tips. Good lighting is critical. If you don’t have enough lighting inside, consider if you can take some pictures outside. A few brightly coloured shots can make all the difference. If you’re shooting a building exterior make sure it is on a sunny day.

If you’re using a photographer they won’t mind coming back if the light isn’t right.

If you’re shooting products it’s a good idea to use a tripod and shoot from the same position and the same light give the products the ‘brand’ look.

A shot with space around the subject allows the photograph to be cropped, used in portrait or landscape and to have text overlayed, so consider standing back to allow a bit of breathing space around the main subject.

Check your apps – there are many available to boost your photography to add a flare or a logo or turn them into a Facebook or Instagram post – I often use Snapseed and Frame Magic not to mention Lens Light Visual.

Finally, a great starting point not only for photography but for any project is to take a look at what your competition is doing.

Check out this really good article about the subject and the role a photographer may play in your brand – have a quick read – particularly about the images as an expression of your brand – having photos that people can identify as coming from your business.