Hi Richard

We have uploaded the 9th June recording from SoundCloud to the live site so you can follow the steps for this Sundays recording.

Here’s a Loom showing how – 

Link to Loom

Here’s the blow by blow 🙂

Simple Adding Soundcloud to GPC Website

  1. Accessing Elementor Dashboard
    • Log in to your website dashboard.
    • Click on “Edit with Elementor.”
  2. Loading Elementor Dashboard
    • Wait for the Elementor dashboard to load, which may take a moment.
  3. Locating Soundcloud Recording
    • Scroll down to find where the Soundcloud recording is hosted.
    • Click the icon that says “Edit Soundcloud” when you mouse over it.
  4. Setting Up Soundcloud Link
    • Access your most recent recording on Soundcloud.
    • Copy the link provided.
  5. Adding Soundcloud Link
    • Return to your website page.
    • Paste the Soundcloud link in the designated area.
  6. Updating Changes
    • Confirm that the Soundcloud link is in place.
    • Click on “Update” to save the changes.
  7. Closing Elementor Dashboard
    • Close out of the dashboard in the usual way.
  8. Additional Information
    • Another video will be made to demonstrate how to set up the order of service.

How to set up the Order of Service

Link to Loom


Simplifying the Process of Uploading an Order of Service on WordPress

  1. Accessing the WordPress Dashboard
    • Log in to the WordPress dashboard.
    • Navigate to “All Posts” and locate the order of service template.
  2. Uploading the Order of Service
    • Select the template and duplicate it.
    • Edit the duplicated template.
    • Upload the order of service file by going to the media library and selecting the file.
    • Name the file with the date of the service and hit “Publish”.
  3. Viewing the Order of Service
    • View the post to see the header with the date and navigation instructions.
    • Use arrows to navigate through the order of service pages.
    • Zoom in and out for better readability.
  4. Displaying the Order of Service on the Homepage
    • Scroll down on the homepage to find the order of service link.
    • The link will display the date of the service and take users to the order of service in a new window.
    • This allows users to easily access the order of service while still being able to navigate back to other content on the website.

I should also say I made the videos using the staging site so domain urls are not the same as on the live site. 

If you have any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards