The art of design for business

New Term Announcements

Announcements and social media campaign, the ads are running on Google, Instagram and Facebook. Eyecatching and joyous promotion of new classes and their online booking system which is now rolling into it’s third term for Salto. Parents, Staff and Gymnasts are using it happily and the Class for Kids system we have helped them implement…
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There’s a new kid in town!

With all these cute fluffy ones queueing up to pose for the camera, LX Day Nursery has no trouble hitting the right note with their social media. ❤️ Updating your Facebook and Twitter banner every so often helps to refresh your business page. You can also use the header image to promote an offer or just…
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A fitting logo for pioneering adventurers

This logo was designed for a client’s wordpress-hosted website Amphibians Club.com. The Scottish club for outdoor adventurers has been around since 1948 and focusses on skiing, diving, mountaineering and canoeing. The new logo for 2019 needed to honour a long tradition of bravery and daring stretching back over many years. The design comprises the four…
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Straight to your website without passing go

Visitors to the Rockbags stand at the 2019 Flood and Coast Show were able to instantly see products in action on the Rockbags website by scanning a QR code – printed on the exhibition stand – with their phones. We can add QR codes to your flyers, banners, posters and adverts. They comprise a snippet…
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